Moss Technical

7 WOW's


Niko Home Control has been redesigned, making it even more user friendly. Market research showed that there was a demand for programming with fewer clicks, quicker uploads and upgrades as well as simple, user-friendly and easy-to-understand functions. Users also requested upgrades and personalisation features that could be implemented easily, without an installer. Finally, users asked for smooth integration of external systems from partner brands.

The redesigned Niko Home Control can be summarised in ‘7 WOW’s’:

1. Clear, well-organised and intuitive design

2. Quicker programming: 50% fewer steps

3. Complex actions are made easy, thanks to ‘the wizard’

4. Personalised profiles for every installation

5. Software-upgrades that customers can download and install

6. Flexible programming of actions, thanks to simplified conditions

7. Integration of external partner systems in the blink of an eye