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In 2015, self-builders looking to install an intelligent smart home solution in their new 3,000 plus square foot home, based in South Wales, approached Niko UK to implement Niko Home Control.

The clients live a busy, family life and practicality and energy measurement were top priorities to ensure that the house was as efficient as possible.

Following an initial meeting with the client, Niko Home Control was chosen as the control solution of choice due to its flexibility, reasonable installation cost and sleek, smart design. NHC would be installed to regulate the lighting, ventilation and heating system throughout the house and garage too.

The project included complete electrical design and installation. Niko’s smart home technology allows for a fantastic range of lighting configurations, which can enhance individual rooms and their purpose. The clients were keen to be able to create moods and Niko allowed for complete customisation, changing the feel and mood at the touch of a button.

Heating control was a fundamental part of the clients brief. The Niko Home Control system allows for complete temperature control throughout the house. It’s intelligent system means that not all rooms within the home need to be set to the same temperature throughout the day.

The clients are often out during the day, at work, and they wanted to be able to control the heating to ensure that rooms weren’t being heated unnecessarily. With two young children, the client was also keen to ensure that the children’s rooms were warm at night but intended to have the master bedroom much cooler. The kitchen was fitted with an AIMS controlled AGA and a Stuv woodburner, which also meant that limited heating, was required in the kitchen. Niko Home Control allows them to ensure that the heating is at just the right temperature, just when it needs to be.

The client was keen to design and install a ‘state of the art’ home cinema room that would allow them to have the cinema movie experience from the comfort of their own home. With young children in tow, the family liked the idea of having a dedicated viewing room. Whilst the rest of the house worked on an open plan design, this room would allow for some peace and quiet amongst the madness. The team installed centralised Audio Visual distribution with a full HD matrix distribution system as well as SkyQ and a satellite distribution system. In addition, the client required complete control over the blinds in this room. Niko Home Control allows them to control each blind from their smartphone or touch panel. This complete offering meant that every element of the viewing experience was covered.

The property also has a Niko Home Control video entry system installed which works in conjunction with the clients electric gates. The Niko Home Control video entry system combines access control with home automation. The internal and external units of Niko Home Control are built-in, designed in anodised aluminium with a colour camera that is situated at the client’s front door.

A touchscreen panel acts as the internal unit, which is supplemented by the client’s smartphone or tablet. This allows for control over who is entering the property, before they’ve even entered in to the driveway. What’s more, stored recordings can show who’s been to the house making for an easy to trace system in case of burglary or trespassing.

Working closely with the clients, the team installed a comprehensive lighting design through-out the house using a combination of LED Enlight down lights, feature spot orientation lights as well as client chosen feature lights. The use of LED lights ensures lower electricity bills as well as infrequent bulb changes. The lighting design also included discussions about mood settings and safety lighting. Niko Home Control allows users to control lighting through the designated Niko Home Control app. The client can stay put and control all lighting from the palm of their hand. What’s more, Niko Home Control operates various light sources in a user friendly way and it can adjust dimmable lighting too.

A high tech Menvier security system was also installed to ensure the upmost safety of the residents. The security system included HikVision HD CCTV, burglar alarm with motion sensors and exterior lighting. The system is viewable from the AV rack, which the client has situated in the home office. This ensures that residents can see exactly what’s going on around the property at all times of the day. The CCTV system can also store data so in the event of a break in, the footage will be stored for police reference.

In addition, the whole house was fitted with Sonos audio distribution through KEF Ci Series speakers with Ubiquiti wireless access points. This system allowed for complete control over audio preferences throughout the majority of the downstairs living rooms and select few bedrooms, this allowed the children to listen to their bedtime stories whenever they wanted. The Niko Home Control system was even configured so that the client could simply turn off the doorbell whenever the children are in bed!

The project took six months to complete, from start to finish and the clients were delighted with the finished system.

The homeowners, commented,

“The beauty of Niko Home Control is that it will evolve with our familial needs whilst ensuring our financial, security and lifestyle requirements are met. As we were building from scratch, we really felt that we needed a modern electrical installation that would match modern building techniques and interior design. We’re delighted with the sleek design and ease of use.”

If you’re interested in installing Niko Home Control in your home, visit our website or give us a call on 01656 746 766 to find out more.