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Lighting Control


We’re pleased to announce that Niko Home Control now interfaces with DALI lighting control making it much easier for installers to work with the lighting solution. What’s more, Niko is expanding its range of dimmers with the DALI dimmer and the 2-wire universal push-button dimmer plus.

New DALI dimmer

As a specialist in daylight control and dimmers, Niko are now launching a DALI dimmer. With this new dimmer, you can dim the lamps in a DALI installation. Convenient if you want to increase or dim the lighting in one specific area. The DALI dimmer operates with the DALI bus power supply, which can be ordered separately (reference code 350-70985), or via a DALI sensor with integrated power supply.

New 2-wire universal push-button dimmer plus, 3 – 300 W

With the 2-wire universal push-button dimmer in the wall, you can dim any lamp according to the ideal curve, including all LED lamps from 3 to 200 W. Besides the standard profile, it has 7 additional dimming profiles, for electronic and electromagnetic transformers, classic LED lamps and filament LED lamps. As with every Niko dimmer, it has a memory and profiles with boost to switch on every lamp at its last chosen - including the lowest - dimming position. Its standby consumption is only 0.15 W. In CAB sensitive areas, the integrated CAB interference suppressor removes as many interfering signals as possible from the mains in order for most lamps to function optimally, without flashing or humming. For more information on the DALI functionalities, visit