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Niko Breaks New Ground with Smart Switches


Niko has recently announced the launch of the newest, and coolest of switches - the smart switch. With a traditional switch, you turn the light on and off. It has been this way for nearly a century - high time, therefore, to extend its scope. That is why Niko has developed a smart switch, and has broken new ground in the home automation market.

The smart switch still looks like any old switch, but also offers maximum flexibility to the installer and a range of possibilities for the user but allowing you to wirelessly control lighting circuits in your home.

Maximum flexibility for any electrical installation

With a smart switch, you can still turn the light on and off, but at the same time, you have unlimited flexibility and a lot more comfort. A smart switch can be extended using traditionally wired push buttons. And where no wiring is available, you can add a wireless switch to the smart switch, in accordance with the Easywave protocol. In essence, a remote switch that can be programmed to control whatever you wish, throughout your home.

You can position them exactly where you want them: by the bed, the sofa or at the front door so that you can switch everything off at the push of one button. You can even use the smart switch to operate an additional receiver on the same socket. This makes it possible, with one push of a button, to switch on the central lighting in the room, but also to switch on the standing lamp or the light in a display cabinet.

What's more, the smart switch has a stylish white feedback LED that you can set as orientation lighting.

Home automation on a small scale

An electrical installation with smart switches is even smarter if you can control them also with a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch. Thanks to the Niko connected gateway switch and app, this can be done from the comfort of your sofa or from the other side of the world. Via the web portal, you can programme the smart switch at the gateway, and link it to the app. With smart switches, you turn any electrical installation into a smart installation that can be completely tailored to the user's preferences. For example, thanks to the gateway, it can simply set a weekly calendar, so that the light goes out at 11.00 p.m. every night. The shutters and blinds can, for example, go up and down with Niko's wireless products at the same time every morning.

If you’ve just had Niko installed and wish you’d held out for the Smart Switches, Niko has ensured that existing electrical installations can be updated easily and become effortlessly smarter in the process!

The smart switch can be attached to a standard flush-mounting box. It is suitable for electrical equipment up to 25 years old and available in any Niko Pure, Intense or Original finish. For more information on the Smart Switch and availability, please give us a call today, on 01656 746 766.