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Remote Video Call with Niko Home Control Access Control


The Niko Home Control access control app allows you to receive a videophone call on your smartphone. Rather handy when you are in traffic and the courier or postman is standing at your door with a parcel, or your Mother has dropped in for a coffee, don’t you think?

Using the Niko Home Control access control app you can answer all calls on your Niko Home Control videophone, wherever you are. Your smartphone alerts you to the fact that you have a video call. This feature allows you to let your Mother know that you'll be back in 10 minutes or you can tell the courier where or with whom to leave your parcel.

This access control app for Niko Home Control offers much more than just video chatting. For example, you can use the Niko Home Control app to open up the door. This allows you to let visitors in, wherever you happen to be at the time. So you can let your Mother in while you are still out and about. Or, you can open your front gate for the courier and ask him to leave the parcel at the front door. You can also see when he leaves on the screen of your smartphone, ensuring safety and security at all times.

The only prerequisite: the Niko Home Control installation must be connected with the internet. The app not only works with new installations with a connected controller, but also with older installations featuring a gateway and controller.

For more information on the Niko Remote Access Control App and associated features, click here.