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Installers was recently commissioned by Moon Design and Build to fit their modern office building with Niko Home Control.

The brief was to not only create a fully functioning office for the design and build management team at Moon, but also to create a showpiece for all prospective clients. As a result, the buildings control system needed to be as minimal as possible. The building, which has been in commercial use since the 1800’s, was remodelled and transformed in to a contemporary office space. The redesign involved a complete remodelling and an extension to the rear of the building.

Moon chose Niko Home Control to manage the whole buildings operation. This included lighting, heating, a mechanical heat recovery unit (MVHR) and roof mounted opening skylights.

This allows all lighting to be operated when entering and leaving the building. As a result, Moon employees don’t have to waste valuable time checking all the lights are switched off before leaving to go home in the evening. What’s more, the roof-mounted skylights are set to close automatically, the heating is programmed to turn off or down and after a prolonged period, and the exterior signage switches off, as does the MVHR.

Energy saving is high on Moon’s agenda and Niko has allowed for simple things like the toilet and kitchen area lighting to be switched off after a period of inactivity.

Structured cabling was also installed to keep all the Moon employees Apple iMac’s up to speed with an integrated phone system. Audio systems were also installed throughout the building but were kept separate to allow for upstairs and downstairs to control their own audio and visual components separately.

Also included in the fit were intercom access functionality, a fire alarm system, an intruder alarm and a remote monitored CCTV system for added security. All these systems operate under the Niko Home Control system, which allows for complete ease of use.

The two meeting rooms were fitted with large screen HD televisions, which are controlled by Apple allowing for clients to view presentations on their prospective build, internet enable with VGA cables to the centre of the meeting tables so that any third party laptops can be connected if necessary.

The feedback from our Approved Installer and their client was very positive with both stating how much of a pleasure Niko Home Control is to work with. Its ease of use really does provide a fantastic way of controlling a small office both easily and efficiently. The total cost of this project was approximately £20,000.


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